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Love God With Your Talent

The way we grow in our love for God is to love him practically with the three big Ts of our lives: time, talent, treasure. We learned last week that we are to love God with our time, all of the time, and we do so primarily by spending time with our heavenly Father in […]

How God Does His Best Work In Us

“He Restores My Soul” (Psalm 23:3)   Without a doubt, Psalm 23, a.k.a., “The Shepherd’s Psalm” is the best known and most beloved of the 150 Psalms that comprise the Book of Psalms. In it, David, an effective shepherd in his own right, praises God’s shepherding activities, chief of which is to restore the souls […]

Center Stage

Jesus must increase but I must decrease. (John 3:30)   Our lives are stories we are writing every day. We are not only the author of these stories but also the main actors in it. Jesus is also writing a story and it is called the Kingdom of God. Fascinatingly, there is an intersection between […]

Love God With Your Time (All of the Time)

Introduction: Love Language Last week in our “Love God” series we saw what Jesus’ love language is John 14:15, “If you love me obey my commandments.” Although obedience as a condition of loving Jesus may sound unusual it’s actually quite natural because obedience springs from love and love motivates obedience. Furthermore, we do our dead-level […]

The Sacrifice of Praise (Hebrews 13:15)

Therefore, let us offer through Jesus a continual sacrifice of praise to God, proclaiming our allegiance to his name. The Hebrew author has just extolled the value and virtue of Jesus, particularly regarding his redeeming work on the Cross. Because of what Christ has done for us our response is to offer to unceasing and sacrificial […]

Love God V-How To 3

Intro:   Have you ever sat down with a loved one and explained to them exactly how he or she should meet your relational needs? If that sounds strange it’s probably is because we have an innate fear that expressing our needs is selfish (it’s not). Or, we might be suffering from the Hollywood or […]

We Win (And Always Will)

In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. Romans 8:37   In the face of mounting persecution and death. In the context of watching fellow Christians getting imprisoned and tortured, (many of whom were his close friends), the apostle Paul declares that despite the horrible external circumstances that we […]

Love God III-How To Love God 2

Introduction: Uniqueness & Enormity of Love God Project Thus far in our “Love God” series, we saw why we are to love God: he deserves it and loving him is absolutely the best thing we could ever imagine. Then we looked at how to love God. We love God by first loving the compassionate and […]

An Experience in Yummy Goodness

Galatians 6:10  Therefore, as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.   Paul states the “priority of opportunity” for the care ministries of the church. Indeed, the church is to care for/minister to all people at all times, however, it is […]

Run To The Tower

Proverbs 18:10   The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.   Solomon, David and Bathsheba’s second son, had a reputation for being the wisest wise guy in the world. After inheriting the throne from his father, he accomplished two extraordinary feats (other than marring 1000 […]

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