Extravagant Blessings = Extravagant Thanksgiving


Tomorrow the families of our nation will huddle around mountains of feasts as a way to render thanks to our Creator/Redeemer/Forgiver God for the abundant provisions he has lavished upon not only creation generally, but to each of us specifically. God is the God of abundance and we thank him in two ways: (1) We delight in, and have joy over all that he has blessed us with and (2) We delight in, and have joy in him over and beyond all that he has blessed us with.

So with each slice of turkey, each nibble of the dressing/stuffing, and with each sip of hearty beverage, let our hearts be filled with merriment and our lips full of praise to our heavenly Father who has bestowed so much upon. Let his extravagant blessings demand from us an extravagant and corresponding thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving,



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