Flight Plan

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Proverbs 27:17


Every knife becomes dull with use. The sharp edge rounds out, and little chips develop. Cutting will render a blade ineffective, and on its own, it will never become sharp again. That’s the first truth about sharpening iron: a knife cannot sharpen itself. Nor can something weaker than iron, sharpen iron.


This is just like Christians. We are to be sharpened, and to sharpen others, in order to advance the Kingdom of God. Whether we are talking about a knife, a sword or ourselves, sharpening isn’t done for a passive activity.


A blade is sharpened to accomplish a purpose.


Last Sunday we had Upward Soccer Sunday and the lesson was on Proverbs 27:17. In the lesson I had them make paper airplanes.  They creased them into many different ways, some made the front of them pointy and some of them were round. Of course, if you know anything about making paper airplanes, pointy planes fly better! I had them fly the planes and the contest was which airplane will go further.  We had four winners!   Then I had the four winners help the other kids redesign their airplanes.  What a difference on how they flew with a friend helping a friend.


Sometimes we take a nose dive in life.


We are not flying solo, though.  God has put other people in our lives to come alongside and help us soar.  Will you allow other Christians to be a part of your life, to offer the gifts and wisdom that they have been given?  Or will you insist on a solitary flight plan?


We should thank God for the people He brings into our lives to help us. We should thank Him to give us the kindness and initiative to help others.  Thank God that He is always there to help us with whatever “plane we are trying to fly”.


Why fly solo in life?


Kathy Avens