March to the Manger Celebration

Dear Bay Point Family,

What an unusual year 2020 turned out to be.  It started out with a bang but ended with a thud primarily due to the pandemic.  Although many of us are ready, really ready, to put this year in the past, we take great confidence knowing that nothing is wasted when we follow the Lord.  He is our one constant hope and is always working the “good” in everything (Romans 8:28).

Nevertheless, can you believe that we are already this far into the Advent Season?  This is the time we focus on our Savior’s First Coming and anticipate his Second one, which we will to do this Christmas Sunday, December 20, and on December 24 at our special Christmas Eve service at 5:00 PM.

As many of you remember, we have a special tradition we practice at this time of year called “March to the Manger.”  “March to the Manger” is a reenactment when the “Kings from the East” followed a “Star” all the way to Bethlehem.  Upon their arrival, they encounter a baby, “wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger”.

Their response will be remembered in perpetuity.  “With joy” they lavished gifts of “gold, frankincense, and myrrh” (Mathew 2:10-11) upon the little one.  Although these items were among the costliest items in the ancient world, the kings delightfully heaped them upon the Christ child anyway.  Their spontaneous and generous act reminds us that worship involves sacrifice, even a financial one.  Thus, on Christmas Eve, we will replicate the amazing generosity of the Kings by “marching” down the center aisle of the sanctuary in order to give a special offering into the manger itself.  We will do so as we sing the beloved Christmas carol, “We Three Kings of Orient Are.”

Please give sacrificially.  Our church, like many others, and not unlike many of you, has had great financial challenges this year.  We have suffered through two church lockdowns, tons of sickness, even as we face the ongoing reality that only about a third of our folks are confident enough to re-join us for in-person worship.

Although God has sustained us through these unprecedented challenges, we certainly do not want to run the risk of depleting our emergency funds.  In fact, we urgently want to replete them for future generations.  Therefore, every sacrificial contribution given on behalf of “March to the Manger” will be utilized towards this noble goal.  If you happen to be away Christmas week, you can still participate by giving online at:

Thank you so much for your faithful giving during this challenging year.  You have blessed the heart of God and He will greatly reward you.

May this be your most blessed Christmas ever.

The Bay Point Guide Team

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