No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him and I will raise him up at the last day.
John 6:44

Jesus says that no one can come to him unless the Father “draws” him. The Greek term “to draw” means to pull or attract. The word reminds me of the tug-of-war game we used to play at our family picnics. Relatives were divided into two teams and separated by the cold icy trout stream that divided my uncle’s property. A lengthy bull rope was then stretched across the creek. When given the signal, everyone on each side would then grip the rope as tightly as they could and then tug on it with all of their might. Bragging rights for the day were obtained when one side pulled the other side into the middle of the stream. Sometimes these epic battles would last hours.

In much the same way, the Holy Spirit is in an epic tug-of-war game with the devil over our souls. On one hand, the devil wants to yank us straight into the world and eventually into hell. On the other, the Holy Spirit wants us to enter into the abundant life Jesus has to offer (John 10:10), and eventually heaven itself.  Who will win and get bragging rights? That actually depends on us. Let’s get on the “side” of the Holy Spirit by listening to the Word he inspired and the Church he is building. Let’s be faithful to both.



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