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Resurrection Transformation V

Resurrection Transformation lV

Resurrection Transformation lV
Mary Magdalene – transformed?
Song Number: 7105442

Resurrection Tranformation lll

Continued series – Resurrection Transformation lll
We can be transformed See how…

Resurrection Transformation ll

Resurrection Transformation ll
Have you heard of Thomas? “Doubting Thomas”?
The continuation series with Peter, Now Thomas has to see for himself, or does he?
See for your self.

Resurrection Transformation l

Sunday Message from Pastor Rev. John R Guerre talks about Jesus and His post-resurrection appearance with his disciples. Shaky Doubt to Unshakable Devotion. Its the first of the upcoming series – Resurrection Transformation.

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Meet the Bay Point Band!

Bay Point Church Band members

Clockwise from top left:

  • Nathan, cello and classical guitar
  • Martha, violin
  • Kelly, music leader/singer
  • Ethan, drummer
  • Mike, piano/keys
  • John, singer
  • Ethan, electric guitar
  • Danielle, singer
  • Eric, acoustic guitar

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